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Your words are the best words anyone can hear.
This is how I find and experience life’s deepest joy,

a sense of true fulfillment 
knowing that I am contributing to a higher cause with larger implications, your happiness, your growth, your personal journey.

Thank you!

My coaching with Flora was nourishing and the best start of my self-exploration journey. It felt so right and good to invest in myself and dedicate time and energy to it. To open up completely to someone who “gets it” and feel like you are growing together. Flora is warm, sincere, passionate, caring, kind, and skilled to navigate you through the coaching program by asking the right questions and listening to you carefully.

- Tatiana, HR professional, Switzerland

Flora is empathetic, resourceful, knowledgeable, open-minded, understanding, kind, dedicated, and helpful. You get the feeling that Flora cares about her coachees and supports them with much passion. She sees her coachees as individuals with different challenges and problems, and she takes this individuality into consideration very well by creating a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

- Tom, Leadership prorgam, Switzerland

Flora's uniqueness as a coach is her holistic approach. She supports you having a look at all the aspects of your life being able to find patterns that connect the dots. A kind human being, a great listener and a calm guide. An inspiration to look at.

- Camilla, Head of Digital, Germany

Flora is an amazing coach. She exudes an inner calm and always asks the right questions to help you open up and reflect on things you may never have thought about or considered before - all in a very understated and unobtrusive way. She is completely non-judgemental. What I really appreciated was the opportunity to think beyond the here and now, my daily to-do list and see the world from a different perspective. Flora's helped me find calm, balance and purpose. Flora is someone who really cares about people's well-being.

- Claire, Communications Professional, Switzerland

Flora has depth and integrity that is evident from the moment you meet her. Her ability to listen and understand is exceptional. Her warmth and authenticity create the perfect environment to take small steps into new challenges, overcome biases and old ways, and discover sustainable new practices that allow for growth and fulfilment.  Her presence is so complete, even online the warmth shines through. She creates a safe space to open up, to explore deep thoughts, concerns, and worries. This paves the way for new ideas and possibilities, and to try new ways. 

Flora gently invited me to take on new challenges, open my mind to new ideas, and carefully guided me through this journey. We had fun along the way, made new discoveries and reached a destination I would never have imagined was possible.

-Mecky, Mental Health Professional, Switzerland

Flora is open, honest and sincere. She believes in what she does but also believes in every person to be able to succeed in their journey. Her patience, her listening and her capacity to make your brain switch and reflect based on simple questions or remarks is impressive. She has no judgement and she gives you a comfortable feeling of trust that allows you to share openly without shame.  Flora cares about her coachee while managing to maintain an external eye on the coaching journey. She’s available, supportive and adapts/adjusts whenever needed. I wouldn’t have done this journey with anybody else than herself, for the simple reason that she has a natural and inner talent for this. It seems to be an effortless and simple thing to do for her as she cares about others and she’s on a mission of supporting others to grow and be happy about themselves and their life.

- Thierry, HR Professional, Switzerland

Flora’s goal is for anyone to realize how much potential we have within us and that we are of great worth for ourselves first and foremost. What makes her unique to me, is that in a magical way, without going into one person discussions of what potentials you have, through her guidance you end up discovering it yourself, feeling more grateful, powerful and determined. Flora has a calm power within herself and calm energy that takes you along with her. Her coaching style is based on always questioning your old/new beliefs to discover your best self and blossom from within.

- Eleni, Business Development, Cyprus

Flora is very passionate and she is very determined on seeing results by her coaching. Flora has a unique way of making you open up and express the way you feel towards life and by that, she gives you the opportunity to work on the things you want to work on.

She says things in a way that you cannot forget she makes sure they are stuck in your memory for a long time and she does that by taking simple examples that mean a lot and that will remain with you for a very long time. Thank you Flora!​

Marjola, Fashion Industry, Dubai

Flora helped me get aware of certain beliefs I had, which I was not aware of. I practiced the act of embracing my insecurities and attending them accordingly. I learnt to be kind to myself and respect the structure of interpretation of other people.

Flora is kind and very easy to talk to, with her smile and laugh she creates a safe space to talk and open up. Often she would surprise me with her insights on what and why I was talking about the subject at the time.  

- Maria, Senior Hardware Development Engineer, California

My coaching experience with Flora is extremely powerful. Actually, she has a very unique and calm style and can read me so well! She really helped me to create my self-discovery journey, define my goals and always encourages me in a deep way. I feel she offered me a fresh perspective of life and step by step helped me recognize my limiting beliefs that have been holding me back for years. She made me realize that I have so much POWER inside me and helped me love and accept myself unconditionally. She is authentic, passionate and magical so she will find the magic inside you ;)

What makes Flora unique is her kind, intuitive soul. Her coaching approach is gentle but still dynamic! She is a great listener and you feel you can share your deepest thoughts without being afraid of being judged.  

Nikh, Hospitality Professional, Switzerland

Having worked with Flora over a number of years now, firstly as her mentors while on our Associate Coaching Course and now on the deployment of JTI’s Global Executive Coaching Framework, her rigor as well as her passion for coaching shine through, in addition to her dedication to her own ongoing personal and professional development, all of which contribute to the positive impact experienced by those she works with. 

Daniel Ahlers / Maria Cussell

Centre for Coaching Directors

Flora is passionate about her coaching practice, she does her best to tailor each session around the coachee's needs, she wants to do her work well and above all to keep improving herself continuously. She is unique because she is a friend and although she already knew me a bit, she was able to know me even better and she was committed to doing it, thus getting the best out of our coaching sessions.​

Nicola, Dentist, Italy

Flora loves being a coach and helping people and one can see that from the way she carries the coaching sessions, where she performs active listening and allows for people time to explain and provide details of the issues they are facing. She is genuinely interested which makes her very insightful, able to see and understand the essence of the issues the coachee may have and not be aware of. This insightfulness results in being able to help them address their issues to the core. 

Mina, Finance Professional, Switzerland

Flora is the SPRING; This is how I would describe her as a coach: she approaches you smoothly and gently, waiting for you to start “blossom” and like spring, brings the sun to plants in order to grow, she “brings'' the right question and approach in order for the coachee to start and be motivated for the self-development trip. You will find no judgment or criticism in her words or more important in her eyes, which is very important for the coachee in order to trust the coach and be open. She is a calm power; she doesn’t come aggressively to change you but she takes you from the hand, and you walk together through it.

Dimitra, Office Manager, Switzerland

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