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Thank you for being here! 

“I believe that each human being has a

UNIQUE GIFT to offer to the WORLD.

I found mine and I made it my mission to support you to discover it, to develop it, to own it and share this gift with the world”.

My Story

About my name...

Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers, fertility and spring who protected the early blossoms.


Like any word in the dictionary, a person’s name has meaning. Naming is a crucial aspect of converting ‘anybodies’ into ‘somebodies. Names help a person establish an identity and also help tie a new child into a family identity. This is how my name established my identity to be the spring in people’s life. 

Although I was born in mid-November, my parents associated my arrival in life with the spring.

“You brought the spring in our life Flora”, they always say after their Happy Birthday wishes every year.

This was a beautiful metaphor they used to express the joy, happiness, high sense of hope, and faith they experienced with my birth, which represented a new beginning for them, after the loss of their first daughter 8 months prior to my birth. 


Being the spring in others’ life was my narrative for 30 years.

I was conditioned to make others happy and joyful, support them with all my heart and energy, be considerate of their feelings and needs, be a doer, achiever, role model, high performer.

But upon reflection, everything I did feels like it was based on a script, written by someone else, the expectations, goals, standards of others, not mine.

That narrative has been challenged by the serendipity of events that have provided me with an opportunity to personally experience the world of professional coaching by enrolling for my first coaching training in 2016.


Coaching changed my life, my perspective, my mindset, my relationships, my path.

Coaching helped me become ME.


My mission

Coaching was the catalyst for deep transformation. I allowed myself to be the spring in my life first, prioritizing my needs, connecting with my true self, discovering my gift and my mission in life, living with grace, inner peace and spiritually guided.

I am empowered to access my inner wisdom and become the fullest version of myself.

I am so grateful for how coaching has enhanced my internal capacity to handle whatever life hands me with calmness, trust and wisdom. Coaching coupled with spiritual growth has also fueled me with inner strength and motivation to leap into my dream job and enables me to manifest my wildest dreams. 

To the extent that I made it my mission to support people to find the same fulfilment, clarity and inner peace in their own lives. 

Better people, better world.

Happier people, happier world.


My personal journey so far…

I am of Greek origin and moved to Geneva in 2011. I have 15 years of international and diverse corporate experience in Greece and Switzerland across Finance, Diversity and Inclusion, Well-being and Coaching in global organizations and working with colleagues across 50+ countries.

My greatest professional achievements include the design and rollout of the global Coaching framework, the setup of the Global Diversity & Inclusion strategy and the design and implementation of the global Wellbeing program of an international company.

Connecting, interacting, motivating, inspiring people and having a positive impact on them was my driving force along my career path.

Since 2016, I have been coaching people across all seniority levels, backgrounds, industry, country and age, mainly on performance, relationships, purpose, and life-related topics.


  • ICF PCC, Professional Coaching Course, Centre for Coaching & New Ventures West

  • ICF ACC, Associate Coaching Course, Centre for Coaching & New Ventures West

  • Create Love Relationships Certification, Global Academy of Coaching

  • NLP Practitioner Certification, Scottish Academy of NLP

  • ACCA, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

  • MBA, Master of Business Administration, AUEB Athens

  • Bachelor in Finance & Accounting, AUEB Athens


  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training (40hrs), Sanapurna Yoga Ayurveda Academy

  • Course in Miracles Student

  • Happiness Coaching Course

  • The Science of Happiness, Berkeley University of California

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training

  • Visualization 

  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

  • The Science of Wellbeing, Yale University

  • Mental Health First Aider Certification, England & Switzerland

  • Search Inside Yourself Training

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Identity, Resilience and Presence

  • Ho'oponopono healing

And I keep on studying, learning, seeking, listening, exploring, and growing with a curious mind and a loving heart.

Simply because I believe that the best coaches never stop learning and never stop asking for help. 

I am always trying to make myself better to serve you better, support you and inspire you.

"As I grow older, I keep on learning." - Solon 

My sources of inspiration


I believe that every individual is unique, special, different.

Everyone has a success story that is worth unpacking and listening to. 

I love exploring people, they have always been and will be my best teachers.


I love nature, the best designer ever that exceeds any expectations, unlocks the imagination, inspires creativity, and supports healing. The divine beauty of nature in all its forms is captivating.  Nature is serene. It is beautiful. It is unique. Nature is a kind of book, and when we open our eyes to it, we find its pages filled with distinctive lessons about wisdom and serenity.

My Superpowers


Zen energy



What's yours?

Strong personal drive 


Growth mindset



Coaching makes the impossible possible.

Let's turn your life around, you deserve it. 

I am here to reach out a supporting hand

to accelerate your growth.

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