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Embracing the magic of new beginnings

Major changes such as new jobs, graduations, the unexpected loss of a loved one, relocations, and new relationships do bring an end (the point at which something no longer continues to happen or exists) to something. But, close on the heels of that end is a new beginning (something that is not known at this point in time when something starts).

And, as Paulo Coehlo reminds us, “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

No matter what circumstances (happy or sad; by choice or forced) bring about that new hello – that new beginning – we should approach it as a “magical” time.

Probably the most “magical” time in our lives was when we were children. Remember when you were a free spirit?

  • When your imagination ran wild?

  • When you were creative beyond reason?

  • When your days were filled with laughter, fun, and joy?

  • When you were wildly happy about anything and everything?

  • When you weren’t afraid to take a risk or make a mistake?

  • When you bounced back from any type of disruption?

  • When you lived in the moment?

This is what new beginnings are all about.

New beginnings allow us to reconnect with our inner child. Our inner child allows us to approach and deal with situations as young children do – with genuine curiosity, joy, happiness, creativity, enthusiasm, and wide-eyed wonder.   What we don’t know or can’t see in our changed environment often throws us for a loop.

The change that brings about the new beginning may have us questioning ourselves. Sometimes our confidence erodes. Our comfort zone shifts or disappears. Fear, anger, doubt, frustration – any number of emotions and feelings – may overcome us.  But, what if we allowed the part of our childlike wonder – the child’s ability to trust in what can’t be seen or what isn’t yet known – to take over and guide us in our approach to or in our decision-making within our new beginning?

The enthusiastic, happy, creative nature of our inner child can be a huge help in overcoming any paralyzing effects of change that may follow us into our new beginning.

I am in the process of embracing new beginnings and opening new doors in my life and wanted to share with you some tips that help us embrace new beginnings with ease and grace:

Self-reflection: take time for introspection to simply sit with yourself and explore what happens for you, the main emotions that come up, what your body needs, and what the new beginning invites you to learn, strengthen, use less, or more. Trust the new beginning and if you struggle with it, tune into your soul's calling with love and faith.

Be curious without any judgment: you may come across some surprises, pleasant or not, or unexpected events and behaviors. Instead of approaching them with judgment and criticism, try to simply be curious about them to understand what is behind them. Let go of what you know and your comfort zone and be open to what's new and different in the new.

Childlike wonder: Childlike wonder is an attitude; it is a way of seeing the magic in simple things and finding the fun and joy in simple things. Childlike wonder allows us to have little or no fear of the unknown, venture out of our comfort zone, be imaginative and creative, have little or no fear of failure, be a visionary, take on challenges, believe we can achieve whatever we conceive, and try new things.

This is the attitude we need in our new beginning.

Surrender and trust: our mind is always trying to understand everything, have a solid plan, and figure out everything now. Our mind loves to have control over our days and life. Trusting the new chapter without the need to fully control it opens up new possibilities and helps us to approach every page of the new chapter with inner peace, curiosity, love, and acceptance.

Beginner's mind: Start each day with an open mind about opportunities that may come your way. Be ready for the who, what, where, when, and why of each day. “Anticipate the day as if it was your birthday again and you are turning six again.” (Mike Dolan). Don’t let expectations constrain you. Don't let your comfort zone dictate how things should be. Don't let your past create the future.

Dodinsky says, “Here is to NEW BEGINNINGS! Yes, you can reset your life at any time! Another wonderful opportunity to better our lives, work on our dreams, appreciate life’s little gifts, and embrace the challenges ahead.”  

If we trust the magic of new beginnings and approach them with the heart of our inner child, our days in the new beginning will be exciting beyond belief.


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